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Art of Kristina Stipetic

About Me:

Hello. My name is Kristina. I am a spiteful woman who lives in the Jiangnan region of China. I didn't graduate from any college, nor do I have any kind of qualification of any sort, for any job, whatsoever. Things I am passionate about include pretentious music, political philosophy, botany, and math. As you can see, I am neither cool nor fun.

Please hire me for: Album covers (yes!!!), personal commissions (including furry commissions), magazine illustrations. Absolutely contact me if you are interested in publishing my comics.

Do not hire me for: Drawing a comic that someone else wrote. I am not interested in working on licensed projects, including but not limited to: Marvel, DC, Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network, etc. Don't contact me I don't like you.


My work has appeared in the following publications:
Shaving in the Dark v.3 & v.4
Mine! Anthology
Secrets of the Goat People v.2
Beyond Anthology v.1
Monster Anthology: Demon Edition
Purity Anthology
Blood and Visions


BBC Arts
Comic Crusaders


Literarily Manga
Diao Xiang(Chinese)